Address : Department of Epidemiology 420/1 Rtchawithi Road.,
Thung Phaya Thai,Ratchawithi, Bangkok 10400  Thailand
Telephone : 0-2354-8541
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Education attainment :
B.P.H. (Public Health Administration)  1994
M.Sc. (Public Health) Mahidol University, Thailand 2004
Ph.D. (Epidemiology) National Taiwan University  2009
Academic position :
Associate Professor
Specialty :

Applying Spatial statistics in epidemiologic study ,
Applications of epidemiologic study designs in public health , Applying statistical modeling for epidemiological study, Integrating epidemiology and public health policy

Research :                                                                                   

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Research Grants
1. 1/2-GEOHealth Hub: Improving Agricultural Health in Southeast Asia-Thailand. (Co- investigator), September 2015-August 2020 Funding by Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health (Award Number U01TW010091).
2. 1/2 Occupational Health Research, Policy & Capacity Building in Thailand-Thailand.( Co-  investigator), September 2012- August 2015 Funding by Fogarty International Center of theNational Institutes of Health (Award Number R24TW009558).
3. Impacts of Myanmar migrant workers on transmission of Wuchereria bancrofti nocturnally type in Thailand: Epidemic model of Empirical evidence from
    Samutsakornprovince (Principal investigator), March 2014-2016 (PHRU/CMB 01/2014)
4. Evaluation on HIV-Related Risk Behavioral Surveillance System among Various Target Populations (Co-investigator) January – December 2014 Funding by National research institute
5. Influenza vaccine coverage among high-risk populations in Thailand, 2013 (Co- investigator)
6. Occupational health research, Policy and Capacity building in Thailand (Co- investigator), September 2012-August 2014. Funding by NIH (Grant number
7. Associated factors of spatial epidemiology of pulmonary tuberculosis riskin Thailand at provincial level, 2003-2009 (Principal Investigator), January – December 2011, Research  Grant of China Medical Board (PHRU/CMB 04 /2010)
8. Evaluation of national dengue surveillance prevention and control program in 2010 (Co- investigator), January—September 2011. Funding by Department of Disease control, Ministry of Public Health Thailand.
9. Impact of Regional Climate to Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Control Strategies (III)  (Co-investigator), August 2007- October 2008, Biomedicine Grant of National Science Council, Taiwan
10.Impacts of Climate Change to Epidemics of Dengue in Taiwan and SE Asia (II) (Co- investigator), August 2008-October 2009, Biomedicine Grant of National Science Council, Taiwan

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Field of Interests
1. Spatial epidemiology
2. Epidemiology of infectious diseases
3.Epidemiology for health policy

Certifications and Accreditations
1. Standard course in clinical trials (2011)
2. Strong seed program in social research (2012)
3. One health program (2013)
4. CITI (2015)

Technical consultant
1.Prevalence of autism in Thailand, Funding by Department of Mental health, of Public Health, 2014-2015
2. Caused of TB death in Thailand, Funding by Bureau of Tuberculosis, 2012-2014
3 .Monitoring and Evaluation of Strategic plan for National tobacco control, 2013-2014
4. Impacts of Oral cholera vaccine on cholera practice in Ma-la displacement camp,  Bureau of  eneral communicable disease, 2012-2015
5. Clinical research project, Rajavithi hospital since 2009